Express Online Checking Service – from £250

Express Checking Service clinic every Thursday – From £250 – EEA (PR), SET (O), SET (M), Tier 1 G, Tier 2, PBS dependant, Entry Clearance Applications.

Our express Checking Service is an optional service, which is available for a fee of £250 to £450 to applicants using the SET (O), SET (M), Tier 1, Tier 2, PBS dependant, Entry Clearance, application forms only.

This service is available by formal instruction only.

This service includes:

- checking you qualify under the immigration rules;
- checking you have filled the relevant form correctly;
- checking you have included the necessary documents;
- for Tier 2, checking that the certificate of sponsorship has been issued correctly, with the correct SOC code; and
- ensure your application is valid.

As part of our assessment, we will address issues such as criminal records, prolonged and / or unpaid absences, maintenance, self-employment, missing documents, unpaid NHS bills, recourse to public funds, SA200 discrepancies,..etc

Following our assessment you will be provided with a checking data sheet report including our comments and advice.

If following our report, you need further assistance from us, you will be charged the fees for the full service which will vary depending of the type of application you are filing.

The Checking Service will give you reassurance and peace of mind that your application is complete and correct.

Using the Checking Service does not guarantee your application will be successful as ultimately the decision lies with authorities.

For further information please contact us.