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Croydon public enquiry office

0870 606 7766

Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon CR9 2BY


Liverpool public enquiry office

0870 606 7766

The Capital Building, 6 Union Street, Liverpool, L3 9AF.


Sheffield public enquiry office

0870 606 7766

Vulcan House, Riverside Entrance, 6 Millsands, Sheffield S3 8NU


Solihull public enquiry office

0870 606 7766

Dominion Court, 41 Station Road, Solihull, Birmingham B91 3RT


Glasgow public enquiry office

0870 606 7766

Festival Court, 200 Brand Street, Govan, Glasgow G51 1DH


Belfast public enquiry office

0870 606 7766 (for booking apointments)

Drumkeen House, 1 Drumkeen Complex, Upper Galwally, Belfast, United Kingdom, BT8 6TB


Cardiff public enquiry office

0870 606 7766

General Buildings, Ground floor, 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales CF24 0AB



Visa4UK is the official British Government website for online visa applications which can be used by visa applicants who are outside the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.



If you are a citizen from a country outside the European Union wishing to migrate to a country inside the European Union, the European Immigration Portal should answer most of your questions whether you intend to work or study or join your family in Europe.


The Foreign and Commonwealth office provides consular services.

If you are going to use British documents overseas, for business or personal reasons, you will probably be asked to have your documents legalised before they can be accepted. Legalisation is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a document is genuine.

For most documents the legalisation process will involve the following steps:

Step 1: certification by a solicitor or a notary;

Step2: legalisation by the FCO;

Step 3: authentication by the consulate of the country the document is destined to.

The Legalisation Office (FCO) is the only competent authority in the UK to issue apostilles and legalisation certificates.

As FCO’s registered agents we are permitted to complete the legalisation process on behalf of our clients.

We provide authentication services for documents to be used in:

UAE, Qatar, India, China, Taiwan, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, Chile.

We are also provide legalisation services for documents issued in other European countries, in particular France and Spain.


APHA stands for Animal & Plant Health Agency – previously known as DEFRA -the APHA’s website provides information on how to obtain a Pet Export Health Certificate, and how to get it legalised, if applicable.

The Law Society’s website provides information on practising Immigration Solicitors / Lawyers in the United Kingdom.


The OISC’s website provides information on practising Immigration Specialists in the United Kingdom.