How to apply for a sponsor licence?


Applying for a licence:
The application is made by completing a form on line. Employers are required to send the relevant supporting documentation to the BIA within 14 days of filing their application on line.

Validity of the licence:
The licence is valid for 4 years.

Type of licence:
Employers will be rated A or B depending on how compliant they have been found over the years.

Filing the licence application:

Step 1: if the company has several branches, it should be decided whether to register as a group or individually;

Step 2: choose the member of staff who will the company Authorising Officer (AO) and Key contact (KC) in line with the BIA requirements;

Step 3: collate the relevant supporting documentation – Limited companies will have to include at least 4 items to demonstrate their trading presence in the UK – Plc will need provide their London Stock Exchange number and evidence that they are present in the UK (i.e. have premises).

Step 4: decide on the number of certificates which are likely to be needed;

Step 5: choose the member of staff who will the company Authorising Officer (AO); Key contact (KC) and users;

Step 6: prepare for an eventual pre approval compliance visit from the BIA.
The AO will be responsible the sponsor licensing application and all the duties attached to the license. The AO will have the entire responsibility for all users of the sponsor management system (anyone entitled to issue certificates of sponsorship) and ensuring that record keeping and reporting duties are observed.

The sponsor (i.e. employer) will be responsible for all the actions of its AO.

The KC will be the point of contact between the BIA and the sponsor.

We would be delighted to assist you with the preparation and the filing of your application and the issuance of certificate of sponsorship.

Maintaining the licence:
To maintain your license you will need to be compliant. This can be achieved by taking the following steps:

keep record of all sponsored employees as per the BIA’s requirements;
report specific information in line with the BIA’s requirements (i.e. an employee who does not turn up for work on their first day, termination of employment, changes of circumstances for the employer or / and the employee..etc.)
check the status of overseas nationals with limited leave to remain every 12 months;
co-operate with the BIA in allowing access to your premises whether the visit is prearranged or unannounced.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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