Compliance Audit Support

Complying with Home Office’s requirements can often lead to many challenges due to the frequency of changes within the rules, processes and procedures set by the UK government

Our experienced team offers a wide range of compliance services to help you run your business without the constant worry of not meeting the UKBA’s standards.

Our range of services include a one-off spot check to a thorough audit of your current systems and presenting a report of recommendations, through to conducting an implementation process making your organisation fully compliant

Our compliance services include:

  • Application for and renewal of your sponsor’s licence
  • Home Office Compliance – HR System and compliance
  • Preventing Illegal Working – staff vetting and annual immigration status document

Our Home Office Compliance service packages include:

  • Home Office Compliance Audit
  • Home Office Compliance Status Review
  • Home Office Compliance Status Review & Implementation
  • Advanced Home Office Compliance Checks
  • Emergency/Priority Home Office Compliance Audit Checks

Our specialist immigration team has extensive corporate immigration experience in compliance gained attending announced Home Office’s official audits on client sites.

Following a request filed under the Freedom of Information Act, Entry Clearance Services has now obtained a copy of various forms used by the Home Office auditing officers whilst conducting an audit on sponsors premises. We have found these to help considerably when preparing for an imminent audit.

These forms include:

- migrant interview record for tier 2, 3 and 5 visits, which contains 25 questions including: what is your salary?; do you work overtime? ; do you receive sick pay?; how did you apply for the vacancy?; did you attend an interview?

- sponsor interview record for tier 2, 3 and 5 visits, which covers the sponsor’s duties and responsibilities (suitability of:- the premises, – HR systems, – recruitment practice, – elected Level 1 and 2 users..etc). The questionnaire also refer to migrant workers in the UK under the auspices of a Work Permit (rather than a Tier 2 PBS visa).

- post licence visit report template.

For a copy of the Home Office audit questionnaires or more information on the audit process, contact one of our Compliance Specialists today.

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